Model:	48S, differences from 48SX

	Name:			Scientific
	Code-Name:		Shorty
	Firsts:			none
		Date:		1991-04-02
		Price:		$250
		Date:		1993-06-01
		Price:		?
	Production-Run:		?

	Expansion-Ports:	none
	Weight:			<264g


This is a 48SX without the expansion slots.

Joseph K. Horn has come up with this list of differences:

(1) The obvious difference: The 48SX is "eXpandable" (you can plug one
    or two cards into it, RAM and/or ROM, to expand its operating
    system and/or its 32K native RAM); the 48S is not.  (Corollary:
    the 48S cannot run much of the best software written for the 48).

    All other differences are minor; here they are anyhow:

(2) The 48S beeps twice as loudly as the 48SX.  (A side effect, in
    more ways than one).

(3) Every 48S (to date) is an "E" version 48; the 48SX can be found in
    five different versions from "A" to "E".  (The 48S has *exactly*
    the same operating system as the 48SX rev E, bit-for-bit).

(4) The port cover on the 48SX extends almost down to the rubber feet,
    and can be removed.  The "port cover" on the 48S only covers the
    very top of the calculator, and cannot be removed.  Their back
    shells differ accordingly.

(5) There is a port number diagram molded into the back shell of the
    48SX, between the upper two feet.  The 48S has no such diagram.

(6) The "[(hp)] HEWLETT PACKARD" logo on the front of the 48SX is a
    separate plastic applique, rising above the surface through a hole
    in the metal overlay (thus allowing card-customized 48SX's to
    sport their own logo).  The 48S has its HP logo merely printed on
    the metal overlay in the same color as the "48" immediately below
    (because the 48S cannot be customized by plug-in cards).

(7) The 48SX has "48SX SCIENTIFIC EXPANDABLE" printed above the
    display; 48S has "48S SCIENTIFIC".  (Besides #6 and #7, their
    fronts look identical).

(8) The 48S costs much less than the 48SX.

(9) A TI rep at the Consumer Electronics Show stated to me that the TI
    85 is trying to compete with the 48S, not the 48SX (which has no
    competition from anybody).



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