HP Handheld Users' Conferences

See also the list at Joe Horn's web site:

1	1979-09-22	Santa Clara CA
		PPC Orange County		HP Sales Office

2	1980-06-14	Rolling Meadows IL
		PPC Chicago Chapter		HP Sales Office

3	1981-03-28	Rockville MD
		PPC Washington Chapter		Ramada Inn

4	1981-08-22	Corvallis OR
		PPC Columbia Chapter		Oregon State University

5	1982-04-17,18	Philadelphia PA
		PPC Philadelphia Chapter	Best Western Hotel

6	1983-01-09	Las Vegas NV
		PPC Las Vegas Chapter		Marina Hotel

7	1983-05-07,08	Providence RI
		PPC RI Chapter			Brown University

8	1983-08-27,28	Orlando FL
		PPC Orlando Chapter		Sheraton Hotel

9	1984-06-02	Chicago IL
		CHIP Group			University of Illinois

10	1985-05-04,05	Atlanta GA
		Atlanta HP Handheld Club	Squire Inn, NW

11	1986-09-27,28	Reston VA
		CHHU Washington Chapter		Sheraton Hotel

11a	1987-08-08-09	Copenhagen, Denmark	?

12	1988-08-03,04	Corvallis OR
		Corvallis Micro Technology	Oregon State University #2

13	1989-06-03	Melrose Park IL
		CHIP Group			Triton College

14	1990-06-02	Rolling Meadows IL
		CHIP Group			HP Sales Office #2

15	1991-08-02,04	Corvallis OR
		Richard Nelson			Oregon State University #3

16	1992-03-28,29	Philadelphia PA
		Philadelphia Area HP Club	Drexel University

17	1992-09-19,20	London, England
		HPCC				Imperial College
	The Anniversary Conference

18	1993		Paris, France

19	1994-10-01,02	Amsterdam, The Netherlands
		PROMPT				Galaxy Hotel
	PROMPT 1994 Anniversary Conference

OK, so there's a numbering glitch.  I include the above two as 18 and 19.
Richard Nelson doesn't.  We'll pick up again with his numbers:

18	1995-08-05,06	Bloomington, Minnesota, US
		Craig A. Finseth		Mall of America
	Hewlett-Packard Handheld Users' Conference

19	1996-08-24,25	Anaheim, CA
		Shier Systems & Software	Anaheim Marriott Hotel

20	1997-09-21,22	London, England
		HPCC				Imperial College, London

21	1998-08-29,30,31 Vancouver, WA
		HP ACO				HP Office

22	1999-02-20,21	Vancouver, WA
		HP ACO				Phoenix Inn Hotel

23	2000-09-09,10	Los Angeles, CA
		Richard Nelson			Ramada Plaza Hotel

24	2001-09-15,16	Chicago, IL
		CHIP Group			Four Points Sheraton Hotel

25	2002-09-21,22	London, England
		HPCC				Imperial College, London

26	2003-09-20,21	Newport Beach, CA
		Richard Nelson			Radisson Hotel, Newport Beach



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