Model:	-41CX, differences from -41C

	Code-Name:		Honeynut
	Firsts:			none
		Date:		1983-10-1
		Price:		$325
		Date:		1990-11
		Price:		$249
	Production-Run:		?

	User-RAM-Bytes:		3,241
	ROM-Bytes:		24K (10-bit words)

	Clock:			time of day, stopwatch, alarms


%		percent
%CH		percent change
+		addition
-		subtraction
0-9, .		enter digit or decimal point
1/X		inverse
10^X		common exponent
ABS		absolute value
ACOS		arc cosine
ADATE		date to alpha
ADV		paper advance
ALENG		length of alpha
ALMCAT		alarm catalog
ALMNOW		activate oldest alarm
ANUM		number in alpha to x
AOFF		alpha keyboard off
AON		alpha keyboard off
APPCHR		append char to record
APPREC		append record to file
ARCL %%%	recall alpha
ARCLREC		append record to alpha
AROT		rotate alpha
ASHF		alpha shift
ASIN		arc sin
ASROOM		bytes available in file
ASTO %%%	alpha store
ATAN		arc tangenet
ATIME		time to alpha
ATIME24		time in 24 hour clock to alpha
ATOX		left byte of alpha to x
AVIEW		alpha view
BEEP		beep
CF 00-29	clear flag
CHS		change sign
CLA		clear alpha
CLALMA		clear alarm in alpha
CLALMX		clear alarm in x
CLD		clear display
CLFL		clear file
CLK12		12 hour clock mode
CLK24		24 hour clock mode
CLKEYS		clear keys
CLKT		display time
CLKTD		display time and date
CLOCK		display running clock
CLRALMS		clear alarms
CLRG		clear registers
CLRGX		clear registers according to x
CLST		clear stack
CLX		clear x
CL\GS		clear summation registers
CORRECT		correct the time
COS		cosine
CRFLAS		create text file
CRFLD		create data file
D-R		convert degrees to radians
DATE		return the current date
DATE+		add the number of days in X to date in Y
DDAYS		compute the number of days between two dates
DEC		convert octal to decimal
DEG		set degrees mode
DELCHR		delete char from record
DELREC		delete record from file
DMY		set D.MY mode
DOW		figure the day of the week for a date (0=Sunday)
DSE %%%		decrement and skip if equal
ED		invoke editor
EEX		enter exponent
EMDIR		extended memory directory
EMDIRX		extended memory directory of Xth file
EMROOM		room in extended memory
END		end program
ENG 0-9		engineering notation
ENTER^		enter
E^X		natural exponent
E^X-1		natural exponent - 1
FACT		factorial
FC? 00-55	is flag clear
FC?C 00-29	is flag clear and clear
FIX 0-9		fixed notation
FLSIZE		return file size
FRC		fractional part
FS? 00-55	is flag set
FS?C 00-29	is flag set and clear
GETAS		get file
GETKEY		get a key
GETKEYX		get a key timed
GETP		get program
GETR		get registers
GETREC		get record
GETRX		get a registers according to X
GETSUB		get a subroutine
GETX		get a register
GRAD		set grads mode
GTO label	goto
HMS		convert decimal hours to H.MS
HMS+		add two times in H.MS notation
HMS-		subtract two times in H.MS notation
HR		convert H.MS to decimal hours
INSCHR		insert a char into a record
INSREC		insert a record into a file
INT		integer part
ISG %%%		increment and skip if greater
LASTX		recall last x
LBL label	label
LN		natural logarithm
LN1+X		natural logarithm + 1
LOG		common logarithm
MDY		set M.DY mode
MEAN		compute average
MOD		modulus
OCT		convert decimal to octal
OFF		turn off
P-R		convert polar to rectangular
PASN		programmable key assingment
PCLPS		programmable clear program
PI		constant pi
POSA		find position in alpha
POSFL		find position in file
PROMPT		display a prompt
PSE		pause
PSIZE		program size
PURFL		purge file
R-D		convert radians to degrees
R-P		convert rectangular to polar
R/S		run / stop
RAD		set radians mode
RCL %%%		recall
RCLAF		recall clock accuracy
RCLALM		recall alarm
RCLFLAG		recall flags
RCLPT		recall file pointer
RCLPTA		recall file pointer according to alpha
RCLSW		recall stopwatch
RDN		roll down
REGMOVE		move register block
REGSWAP		swap register block
RESZFL		change file size
RND		round
RTN		return
RUNSW		run stopwatch
R^		roll up
SAVEAS		save text file
SAVEP		save program
SAVER		save registers
SAVERX		save registers according to x
SAVEX		save a register
SCI 0-9		scientific notation
SDEV		standard deviation
SEEKPT		see a file
SEEPTA		see a file according to alpha
SETAF		set clock accuracy factor
SETDATE		set date
SETIME		set time
SETSW		set stopwatch
SF 00-29	set flag
SIGN		sign of number
SIN		sine
SIZE?		what is curtain
SQRT		square root
ST+ %%%		storage arithmetic
ST- %%%		storage arithmetic
STO %%%		store
STOFLAG		store flags
STOP		stop
STOPSW		stop the stopwatch
STx %%%		storage arithmetic
ST\:- %%%	storage arithmetic
SW		invoke the stopwatch
SWPT		set stopwatch register pointer
T+X		adjust clock
TAN		tangent
TIME		return the current time
TONE 0-9	tone
VIEW %%%	view
x		multiplication
X<0?		comparison test
X<> %%%		swap X and register
X<>F		swap X and flags
X<>Y		swap
X<NN?		comparison test
X<Y?		comparison test
X=0?		comparison test
X=NN?		comparison test
X=Y?		comparison test
X>0?		comparison test
X>NN?		comparison test
X>Y?		comparison test
XEQ label	subroutine call
XROM ###,###	xrom call
XTOA		x to left byte of alpha
XYZALM		set specified alarm
X\<=0?		comparison test
X\<=NN?		comparison test
X\<=Y?		comparison test
X\=/0?		comparison test
X\=/NN?		comparison test
X\=/Y?		comparison test
X\>=NN?		comparison test
X^2		square
Y^X		exponentiation
\:-		division
\GS+		summation plus
\GS-		summation minus
\GSREG 00-99	set summation register
\GSREG?		what is summation register pointer
|-		append


CAT 1-6		catalogs: 1) user programs, 2) external functions,
		3) built-in functions, 4) EMDIR, 5) ALMCAT, 6) user keyboard


Same as a -41C but with four memory modules, a Time Module, an
Extended Functions / Extended Memory Module, and assorted
miscellaneous functions built in.

"Halfnut" is the code name for a  redesigned version of the -41C
internals. Externally and functionally it is identical to the other
machines. It was so called because the processor board was only half
the size of the original design.

price changes:

	1986-02-01	$249



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