Jukebox Appearances

The first jukebox that Jack encounters is in one of the real towers. It's selections are excerpts from talks by various enlightened people. Jack says that he put a dime and two nickels in and only heard three selections. However, we only hear him put in a dime and listen to two (then one more after talking with Eeenie Meenia). Three for a dime, not bad!

Rainbow jukebox: The second jukebox is on the the tower's second level. It is in the front of a boat and emits a rainbow of light. Jack never puts coins into it.

Lotus jukebox: The third jukebox is also on the second level. It is in the lotus city and is made of jade. When Jack puts coins into it, the city comes alive for a few minutes. It has only chants and holy songs.

Next jukebox: The fourth jukebox is on the tower's third level. It is the Bodhisattva jukebox and appears to have been carved from a single piece of clear jade. It still has a coin slot and takes coins. The selections are labelled with symbols that designate the vibrational frequency of the selections.

Jack also encounters two giant (as in large-building sized) jukeboxes in The Ah-Ha Phenomena. The first is crystal (possibly diamond). The second one he pushes into to return to the real world.

Jack encounters another giant jukebox at the very end of The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders.

In Stars and Stuff, jukeboxes appear in these segments:

  • Bobby Bonecutter Vs. the Pink Pearl Erasers
  • Come Back, Duke of Earl

Finally, Jack runs into a the Jade Jukebox (again) in the tower's seventh level in Steam Dreamers of Inverness.


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