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ZBS Foundation
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Other interesting ZBS sites:

A search box is included on each page if you want to search around. Caution: many of the names were transcribed from the audio, so the spelling may be off. Also, some aliases are involved:

Laura EstermanBlanche Blackwell
P. J. OrteLittle Frieda
P. J. OrteSpooner Duffy
Art FairbainThomas A Stewart

I'm sure that there are others. Also, watch out for variant name spellings:

Bill RaymondWilliam Raymond
Tom Lopezlots!

Please feel free to send me corrections, additions, or comments. I am also happy to include links to other pictures, illustrations, or material.

Obtaining Stuff From Me

If you see something and I don't have it in a useful, pre-packaged format, just ask!

And, like any other author or artist, I deeply appreciate hearing from users: a note (paper or e-mail) or just a post card saying "got it" does a lot to help keep me going!


The Great ZBS Data Collection



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