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  • Series: None
  • Date: 1977


  • ZBS Code: SS, S&S
  • Count: 6
  • Time: 8:00:00
  • Binaural: No
  • Real-Time: No


  • ZBS Code: SSCD
  • Count: 5
  • Time: 5:50:47

Contents (Tape)

#1, side A, 30:00

Wino Wilie and the Dream Juice

#1, side B, 30:00

Wino Willie (continued)
The Padre's Soul Ascends to Heaven
The Thing That Ate Aunt Sophie
Theme for Incredible Adventures (Tim Clark)
Big Bird

The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders has a separate entry.

#2, side A, 30:00

Rocket Pierre: The Peanut People of Pluto
The Flatback Dragon, or, Oh Those China Nights

#2, side B, 30:00

The Flatback Dragon (continued)
Brief Interlude (Tim Clark)
Life Carrier
The Tongue That Licked Tuscon
Jiffy John

#3, side A, 45:00

Rocket Pierre: The Nincompoop of Neptune
The AH-HA Phenomena

The Ah-Ha Phenomena is released separately on CD.

#3, side B, 45:00

The AH-HA Phenomena (continued)
Music (Tim Clark)
The Roads Are Falling Apart
Boogie Woogie Bugle Droid (Android Sisters)

See also The Android Sisters: Songs of Electronic Despair, The Android Sisters: Pull No Punches, and The Best of the Android Sisters.

#4, side A, 45:00

The First Voyage to Andromeda (Tim Clark)
Tired of the Green Menace?

Tired of the Green Menace? is released separately on CD.

#4, side B, 45:00

Tired of the Green Menace? (continued)

#5, side A, 45:00

Bobby Bonecutter Vs. the Pink Pearl Erasers
Boogie Woogie to the Stars & Bach Again (Part One)

#5, side B, 45:00

Boogie Woogie to the Stars (continued)
Bobby Bonecutter (concluded)
Rocket Pierre: Space Scoundrels
Boogie Woogie to the Stars (Part Two)

The into in the middle of side B mentions Tomorrow, There Will be Apricots but the story is not on the tape.

#6, side A, 45:00

The Cheesemen of Mars
The Old Gezzard's Tale
Ruby Starr (Pilot #1 & #2)
The Marsh Wizard Returns (Tim Clark)
Ruby (Pilot 3)
Cosmic Bubbles (Tim Clark)
Come Back, Duke of Earl

The Old Gezzard's Tale is not on the CD.

#6, side B, 45:00

Come Back, Duke of Earl (continued)
Rocket Pierre, The Crown Jewels of Jupiter
Boogie Woogie to the Stars (Part Three)

Contents (CD)

#1, 1:11:12

2Wino Willie
3Padre's soul
4Aunt Sophie
8Flatback (Part One)

#2, 1:09:15

1Flatback (Part Two)
2Tongue Licked
7Big Bird

#3, 1:10:25

2Bonecutter (Part 1)
3Boogle (Part 1)
4Bonecutter (Part 2)
7Roads Apart

#4, 1:08:25

2Rocket / Scoundrel
3Boogle (Part 2)
5"Velvet Chair"

See also Moon Over Morocco.

#5, 1:11:30

1Duke of Earl!
2Rocket / Jewels
3"Space Filler" Boogle (Pt. 3)

The Ah-Ha Phenomena and Tired of the Green Menace? are not included on the CD version as they were released separately.

Credits (Tape)


Owen McGheeAunt Sophie
Skip PinkOfficer Riley
Derek AshPeg Leg
P.W. QuattlebaumWino Willie, African Violet
Matt MatthewsBuddha
Dave HermanNarrator
Supporting CastUpper Hudson Theatrical Costuming, Casting, Voice Rental and Talent Agency
MakeupLoose Hairbit
PianoGeorge Schultz
HarpEve Arto
Music (Padre Ascends to Heaven)Tim Clark


Chris HenryRocket Pierre
Owen McGheeFlash Felix
Little FriedaLittle Frieda
Skip Pinkvarious peanuts
Dave HermanNarrator
Jeff BaileyMrs. Wadley Dupont, Mayor, Prof. Arnold
Skip PinkSherriff, President, a lot of other people
Skip PinkScotty, Tyron the Trucker
Owen McGeeOther Trucker, Druid

#3 - #6

Shirley PinkThe Duke
Skip PinkThe Mother Ship
Peter SanderdosThe Chief, The Great Garbonzo
John GuntherThe First Guy
Dave AdamsThe Jilalu
Matt MatthewsProf. Debreau
Dave HermanNarrator
MusicTim Clark
StoriesMeatball Fulton
IllustrationsJerry Joyner






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