The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders



  • ZBS Code: JF, JFS
  • Count: 5
  • Time: 5:00:00
  • Binaural: No
  • Real-Time: No


  • ZBS Code: JFCD
  • Count: 5
  • Time: 4:51:55

Contents (tape)

1AJF1The Green Velvet Chair
1BJF2The Jungles of Zamburrha
2AJF3Beyond the Merple Mountains
2BJF4The Marquis of Carumbas!
3AJF5Let's Kill Mazoola!
3BJF6Bad Day At Dragon's Breath
4AJF7A Fine Day for Fromborks
4BJF8Captain Jack and the Pirate Queen
5AJF9In the Land of the Talking Totems
5BJF10The Velvet Realms

Contents (CD)

#1, 57:54

Week 1
1The Green Velvet Chair
2Owl Eyes
3Sky Pirates?
Week 2
5The Jungles of Zamburrha
6Dark Down Here
7The Palace of Dreams

#2, 59:20

Week 3
1Beyond the Merple Mountains
2The Cloud Gypsies
3Snaky Snark
Week 4
4The Marquis of Carumbas
5The Nevermind
6Huge Puff Balls

#3, 56:46

Week 5
1Let's Kill Mazoola
2Back in the Nevermind
3The Lords of Death
Week 6
4Bad Day at Dragon's Breath
5Old Moth Eaten Eddie
6Magic Runes

#4, 59:15

Week 7
1A Fine Day for Fromborks
2What a Way to Fly
3Here Comes Flanders!
Week 8
4Captain Jack & the Pirate Queen
5It's Midnight
6Jack Dreams

#5, 58:40

Week 9
1In the Land of the Talking Totems
2I'm in Space
3The Festival of Demons!
Week 10
4The Velvet Realms
5And Little Frieda
6So That's It
7The Credits


Robert LorickJack Flanders
Dave HermanNarrator, Dr. Mazoola
Owen McGeeCaptain Swallow
P.J. OrteLittle Frieda
John Wynn-EvansThe Marquis of Carumbas
Jim Lewis, Logan English, Skip Pink, Neal Aitkins, Don Chaplain, Marty Hughes, Richard Lapp, & BobPirates & Sailors
Dave AdamsMojo Sam
Kara PittsThe Pirate Queen
Meatball FultonChief Wampum, Old Far Seeing Art
Paul FalzoneThe Sorcerer
Chris HenryOwl Eyes
Jane CrawfordThe Waitress
WrittenMeatball Fulton
MusicTim Clark
IllustrationJerry Joyner


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