Displaying Letters Using 7-Segment Displays

      This information is taken from "Blast from the Future" in
		  DATAFILE V22N5p13 by Jordi Hidalgo

A few calculators with 7-segment displays can display letters.  The
calculators and their BCD digit assignments are:

model	A	B	C	D	E	F	reference

21A	r	H	o	P	E	blank	DATAFILE V21N2p42
The 21A was the first to have letters for messages.  You could spell "Error".

25A	r	F	o	P	E	blank	65N V4N6p16a,
33A	"	"	"	"	"	"	PPCJ V6N1p17d,
34C	"	"	"	"	"	"	PPC Calculator
							Journal V7N6P29c

67A	r	C	o	d	E	blank	65 Notes V4N1p6b
97A	"	"	"	"	"	"	and V4N4p4a

	.	-	+	*	blank	C/R	65 Notes V4N4p6b

12C	r	-	o	P	E	blank	DATAFILE V20N5p27

15C	r	-	o	P/u	E	blank	PPC Calculator
							Journal V10N1p52d



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