Ruby 3, Galactic Gumshoe, Part Two: The Invisible World



  • ZBS Code: R3B
  • Count: 4
  • Time: 5:00:00
  • Binaural: No
  • Real-Time: No


  • ZBS Code: R3BCD
  • Count: 5
  • Time: 4:28:15

Contents (Tape)

#1, 1:30:00

AChapter OneThe Twilight Master
ABChapter TwoAll Aboard!
BChapter ThreeOh, Those Astral Nights

#2, 1:00:00

AChapter FourThe Boulevard of Dreams
BChapter FiveThe Dance of the Dualistic God

#3, 1:00:00

AChapter SixHere Come the Snouts
BChapter SevenMy Life Among the Robots

#4, 1:30:00

AChapter EightThe Big Squeeze
ABChapter NineThe Final Step
BChapter TenA Fond Farewell
B trailer for Dreams of Bali

And/Or (Android) Sisters

1AOneThe Story of the Sub Liminal: It's Immoral, But They do it to You Anyways
1AOneThe Scrub Ladies
1BTwoIt's Not Out There
1BThreeAboard the Good Censor Ship
3BSevenSss-X Minus One
4AEightCome the Christian Inquisition
4BTenDown on the Electronic Farm
4BTenDonkeys and Elephants

Contents (CD)

#1B, 53:45

1The Twilight Master
3Android Sisters, "Subliminal"
4All Aboard!
5What a stinker

#2B, 55:30

1Oh, Those Astral Nights
2Android Sisters, "Censor Ship"
4The Boulevard of Dreams
5The rusted slidewalk
6How you doin, TJ?

#3B, 52:00

1The Dance of the Dualistic God
2Something's up
3Android Sisters, "Ray-dee-ohh"
4Here Come the Snouts
5Pretty weird
6Bruno don't read

#4B, 52:00

1My Life Among the Robots
2Puff puff puff
3Question, Teru?
4The Big Squeeze
5Squeeze time
6Android Sisters, "Come the Christian Inquisition!"

#5B, 55:00

1The Next Step
2Hello, Inky
3Holy smokes!
4A Fond Farewell
5Stil fishing?
6Android Sisters, "Donkphants"

See the Contents (Tape) for And/Or Sisters list.


Story created byThomas Lopez and Marcia Dale Lopez
Script byMeatball Fulton
Music Composed and PerforedTim Clark
Blanche BlackwellRuby
Bill RaymondProf. TJ Teru
Art FairbaneRodant Kapoor
Art FairbaneMother Kapoor
Art FairbaneAnd/Orr
Jona HarrisInanna
Willy BManret
Willy BMustapha
Dave AdamsFather Mojo
GretelSister Hooloopoo
Nebadon AdamsJunior Kapoor
Dalia SchneierImogene Kapoor
Felix AvacadoThe Inky
Andre AdlerMister Concertina
Gregorio RosenblumMolet the Mole
Gregorio RosenblumTookah 2
Greg MertonThe Big Scuzz
Terry O'ReillyToadface
Terry O'Reilly, Greg Merton, Felix AvocadoClay People and Punishing Stones
Remly HodgekissZumzammim
Ruth MaleczechBartender
Hoopy LewisRoger Robot
Leslie BlanfordDr. Lazer
Karras BerlinMonet
Valeria VasilevskiMaharini
Ruth Maleczech and Valeria VasilevskiThe Android Sisters
John McDonnowRingmaster
Kirby AirsNarrator
Executive Producer and DirectorThomas Manuel Lopez
Graphics DirectorJaye Oliver
Promotions DirectorKathy Gronow
IllustrationsAlan Okamoto
EngineersRobert Harari, Fulton and Clark
Special Thanks to Robert Duran and Ruth Kirshman
Voices Recorded at 39th St Music Productions, Crystal Sound, Sound Hound New York City
Post Production at ZBS
Series made possible in part with funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts and Santa Monica college station KCRW
Major funding provided by Corp. for Public Broadcasting
Additional support provided by Omni Magazine
Produced by ZBS Foundation
CD pressing made possible by John Romkey


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On the planet of Jazooli 3, the main characters in the Boogie Woogie to the Stars (Part Two) item on Stars and Stuff come across skeltons that may be from the snouts.


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