Saratoga Springs


  • Series: None
  • Date: 1989


  • ZBS Code: SAR
  • Count: 5
  • Time: 6:00:00
  • Binaural: No
  • Real-Time: Yes


  • Not on CD.


  • ZBS Code: SSORG-MP3 (original radio version)
  • Time: TBD


tape #1, 1:00:00, side A

Willy & the Waters
Donna Dollardaze Checks Out Her Life
Pipes & Ducks Talk
Willy & Lolita at Lo Fats
Donna in the Amazon
Willy, Lolita & the Juicy Tomatoe
Donna & Her Childhood
Lena Sings for Zippy
Waspy & Pipes Install an Ocean
The Invention of the Potato Chip

tape #1, 1:00:00, side B

White Boy Rick Talks to Zippy
Donna in the Pantanal
Waspy & Zippy Ahoy!
Waspy & Ducks Pedal Along the Hudson
Zippy Meets the Bagels from Hell
Pipes & Rocky Install A Background
Zippy Meets Pirate Pete
Waspy Tells Lena About The Wild Man
Pipes & Nancy, Big Debt to Blue Jaw
Zippy Meets Vinnie Van Gogh

tape #2, 1:00:00, side A

Pipes, Ducks & the Big Bopper
Gypsy Meets the New Age
Willy & Old Smoke #1 at Lo Fats
Gypsy & Nancy look at the Book
Willy & Old Smoke #2 at Lo Fats
Gypsy & White Boy Rick's Guardian
Pipes, Rocky & Swan Lake at the Bank
Willy & Jim Dandy at Lo Fats
Blue Jaw, Rocky & the Squirrels

tape #2, 1:00:00, side B

White Boy Rick Goes for a Stroll
Pipes at the Roadkill Cafe
Gypsy Meets Penny Nicholson-Dimes
Pipes & Blue Jaw, Cracked Fingers
White Boy Rick Meets Baby Jasmine
Gypsy, Newe Age Nancy & Big Psychic Business
The Woodchucks Celebrate the 4th of July
Rocky & Angel at the Squeeze & Squeak
Nancy & Pipes Argue

tape #3, 1:00:00, side A

Willy & the Saratoga Trunk at Lo Fats
Baby Jasmine Ding Dong's for White Boy Rick
Nancy Throws Pipes Out
Donna in Rio
Ducks meets Penny at the Track
Waspy & Ranger Wanda in the Park
Wille & Diamond Jim at Lo Fats
Donna & Lolita Talk About Men
New Age Nancy & Her Devotees

tape #3, 1:00:00, side B

Waspy & Ranger Wanda, Afton Waters
Blues for Rocky
Ducks & Penny, Paris Days
Governor Columbo #1
Pipes & White Boyo Rick in Church
Governor columbo #2
Pipes at the Roadkill & Blue Jaw "Guess Who"
Ducks & Penny, Stuffed Horse Revelation

tape #4, 1:00:00, side A

Gypsy & Rocky, The Springs of Saratoga
Willy & Longfellow at Lo Fats
Gypsy & Sly Foxy at Lena's
Zippy, The Pirates Meet the Bagels
Gypsy & Nancy, The Big Clash
Wanda at Lena's & Waspy in th eAir
Billie's Born Again Gas & Garage
Penny Phones Ducks & The Weasel Arrives

tape #4, 1:00:00, side B

White Boy Rick & Sly Foxy at Lena's
The Woodchucks at Home
Willy & Madame Jumel at Lo Fat's
The Woodchucks Rent a Rambo
White Boy Rick's Rude Awakening
Born Again Billie Meets Buster Bugatti
Blue Jaw & The Weasel Discuss Women
Ducks and Penny Go Turkey Hunting

tape #5, 1:00:00, side A

Zippy's Blind Date
Ducks & Penny Meet the Great Gobbler
Mister Stiffy meets The Weasel
Buster & Willy at Bruno's Pizzeria
Donna in the Taj Mahal
Billie & Buster in Hell
White Boy Rick Sells Magic Ice Cream
Wanda Calls from Tucson
White Boy Rick Settles the Score
Pipes Doesn't Feel So Good

tape #5, 1:00:00, side B

Nancy's New Age Nightmare
The Wedding Bells!
Donna in India #1
Lolita & Willy in Love
Donna in India #2
New Age Nancy Sees the Light
Donna in India #3
Born Again Billie, Love Conquers All
Credits at Lo Fats


Valeria VasilevskiDonna Dollardaze
Jim LewisDucks Quackenbush
Sara BravemanGypsy Markoff
Sara BravemanPenny Nicholson-Dimes
Eva DolanNew Age Nancy
Blythe RileyRocky
Jim CulverPipes Malone
Sue ReynoldsZippy
Patrick DonovanWhite Boy Rick
Jim MitchellBlue Jaw Magoon
John Wynn-EvansWaspy Carmichael
Art FairbainThe Mysterious Stranger
Art FairbainLo Fat
Art FairbainRodant Kapor
Licia ColombiRanger Wanda
Elio Del SetteSly Foxy Feinstein
Elio Del SetteMister Stiffy
Ida FaiellaBorn Again Billie
John McDonoughDomingo "Buster" Bugatti
Virginia RambalLolita
Mae BannerIla Mae Pickler
Annie BaldridgeBaby Jasmine Honeysuckle
Gene RileyAngel O'Hare
Skip PinkChuckles Woodchuck
Trurl? PinkWilma Woodchuck
Lena SpencerLena
Marty HughesPirate Pete
Michael DavidsonReverend Roy Roger
Olivia RaymondSusie Wuzy
Gregorio RosenblumWeasel Ricardo
Charlette MasonBetsy
Steve NoghCookie
Bill Reynolds?
Bill ReynoldsBaily Twins
Bill ReynoldsPaint Girls
Bill RaymondWindup Willie
Bill RaymondGovernor Colombo
Tamara SilveraThe Tomatoes
Executive ProducerThomas Manual Lopez
Associate ProducerOlivia Raymond
GraphicsJaye Oliver
WrittenMeatball Fulton
Music Composed and PerformedTim Clark
DirectorTom Lopez
EngineersFulton and Clark and Robert Orare and Olivia Raymond
Promotions DirectorKathy Gronow
IllustrationKevin Tolman
Special Thanks to Ruth Hershman, Loren Hansen Caroly Brockoway, Gene Riley, Bob Duran, Stuart Strauss, Phillip Gronow, Marcia Lopez John Mogendale-Gibson, Bobber, Max
NarratorsDave Herman and Art Fairbanks
Dedicated to Blythe Riley




See also The Best of Saratoga Springs.

Also available in the Original Radio Version. That version was released via podcast and MP3.


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