The Best of Saratoga Springs


  • Series: None
  • Date: 2004?


  • Not on tape.


  • ZBS Code: BASRCD
  • Count: 2
  • Time: 2:30:00


CD #1, 1:15:00:

1Willy & the Juicy Tomato
2Zippy & the Magic Mushrooms
3Willy & Lolita at Lo Fats
4Donna Checks Out Her Life
5Lena the Quees of Saratoga
6Ducks & Pipes Talk
7Inventing the Potato Chip
8Big Debt to Blue Jaw Magoon
9Zippy Meets the Bagels From Hell
10Donna & The Mysterious Stranger
11Zippy Meets Pirate Pete
12Blue Jaw, Rocky, & the Squirrels
13Zippy Meets Vinnie Van Gogh
14Gypsy Meets New Age Nancy
15Waspy, Lena and the Wild Man
16Willy & Jim Dandy
17Donna in the Tag Mahal
18White Boy Rick's Guardian Angel
19Ducks Meets Penny Nicholson-Dimes
20Billie's Born Again Gas & Garage

CD #2, 1:15:00:

1Willy & Madame Jumel
2Gypsy Advises New Age Nancy
3Waspy & Ranger Wanda
4New Age Nancy & the Shaman Way
5White Boy Rick Meets Baby Jasmine
6Willie & Longfellow
7Nancy & Pipes, the Big Clash
8White Boy & Sly Foxy at Lena's
9Ducks and Penny in Congress Park
10Born Again Billie Meets Buster
11Blues for Rocky
12The Weasel Arrives!
13Pipes at the Roadkill Cafe
14Buster & Willy at Bruno's
15White Boy Rick's Rude Awakening
16Billie & Buster in Hell
17Zippy's Blind Date
18Donna in Rio
19Love Conquers All


See Saratoga Springs




These epsiodes are selected from the original Saratoga Springs tapes.


The Great ZBS Data Collection



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