The Land of Enchantment



  • ZBS Code: MOV1
  • Count: 2
  • Time: 2:30:30
  • Binaural: No
  • Real-Time: No


  • ZBS Code: MOV1CD
  • Count: 2
  • Time: 2:30:30
  • Not on CD.

Contents (Tape)

#1, 1:16:30

38:30A1 Minnie Two Worlds
2 The Dream Weave
38:00B   The Dream Weave (continued)

#2, 1:15:00

38:00A3 Sacred Moon Medicine
4 Midnight Hoopin'
37:00B   Midnight Hoopin' (continued)

Contents (CD)

#2, 1:16:30

33:30Part One: Minnie Two Worlds
43:00Part Two: The Dream Weave

#2, 1:15:00

36:45Part Three: Sacred Moon Medicine
38:15Part Four: Midnight Hoopin'


Dave AdamsMojo
Rene AugesenMinnie
Jamie SamsSam
Virginia RambalMaria
Yolande BavanAlice
Nebadon AdamsWoo
Patrick DonovanTin Pan
J. SamsScout
Kirby AirsNarrator
Songs & Music: John York from the albums "Sacred Path Songs & Clan Mother Songs" (with Jamie Sams)
   "Rose of Old Monterrey", Copyright 1979 Sams, Jill McAnnalley
   "Just This Side of Lettin' Go", Copyright 1979 Sams, Frank Reimer, Tom Lane
   "That's My Heart in Your Arms", Copyright 1979 Sams, Jill McAnnalley
   "Gimmee Some Skin", Copyright 1973 Uncle Walts Band
   Mance Lipscomb Songs Copyright 1979 Sams
Mojo's PianoGeorge Schutz
Additional Music ThroughoutTim Clark
Script and StoryJamie Sams and Meatball Fulton
Producer/DirectorTom Lopez
EngineerM. Fulton
IllustrationGreg Tucker
GraphicsJaye Oliver
Recorded & Mixed at Froggy Acres
This production was made possible by donations from the Native American Tribal Traditions Trust and Friends & Fans of ZBS.




Yes, this counts as a Jack Flander series as there are definite references back to it in later episodes.


The Great ZBS Data Collection



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