The Mystery of Jaguar Reef



  • ZBS Code: JAG
  • Count: 2
  • Time: 2:05:00
  • Binaural: No
  • Real-Time: No


  • ZBS Code: JAGCD
  • Count: 2
  • Time: 2:06:00

Contents (Tape)

#1, 1:08:30

33:30AWe Is What We Is
35:00BGood Night, Sweet

#2, 56:30

28:00AI Loves Me Spinach
28:30BI'm Not Olive Oyl!

Contents (CD)

#1, 1:09:00

Chapter One
1We Is What We Is
2I Love the Tropics
3Pirates, Pirates, Everywhere
Chapter Two
5Captain Coco
6The Jolly Jaguar
7Good Night, Sweet Paulina

#2, 57:00

Chapter Three
2Viper Rum!
3Galactic Masters, Arf Arf
4I Loves Me Spinach
Chapter Four
6He's Called "Wolfgang"
7Peg Leg Pete
8I'm Not Olive Oyl!


Robert LorickJack Flanders
Virginia RambalCarmen
Ana Veronica MunozCassie
Gy MiranoPaulina
Jorge PupaAntonio
Daryl EdwardsCapt. Coco
Leslie GeracciDr. Weiss
Bill Raymond, Remley Hotchkiss, Larry Block, Bob AdrianPopeye
John McDonoughPirate Pete
Bob AdrianHook & Wolfgang
Gy MiranoJuanita
Dave HermanThe Narrator
Producer/DirectorTom Lopez
StoryMeatball & Marushka Fulton
MusicTim Clark
ScriptM. Fulton
Engineer (BackPocket)Joe Arlotta
Asst. Engineer (BackPocket)Joshua Chait
Engineer (Froggy Acres)T. Lopez
Voices recorded at BackPocket Studios in New York City
Production mixed at ZBS Froggy Acres
Sounds recorded in Belize
IllustrationGreg Tucker
GraphicsJaye Oliver
This project was supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support was provided by friends of ZBS. A special thanks to Robert Durand and John Romkey. Also, Captain Beefheart, whoever you are.






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