"A Shoggoth on the Roof" News

2 May 2008

Bad new and good news.

The bad: the production isn't going to happen at Convergence. As we analyzed the script in detail, it became clear that it simply wasn't going to fit on the main stage (and there isn't anywhere larger). The musical numbers simply have too many people and they wouldn't be able to move!

The good: there is a LOT of interest and we are planning on making this into a full-scale local independent production. This means more money (OK, still tiny in the grand scheme), a better venue, and a longer run (these are typically 2-6 weeks rather than a one shot). It also means that we will be able to get a better quality of talent. The timeframe is now looking like early 2009.

5 April 2008

The web site has been completely reorganized and the song list added. Also, the (empty) cast and credits page is up. Get volunteering!

15 March 2008

We are continuing to plan the production and iron out details. We are actively looking for rehearsal space. We expect rehearsals to start around June 1.

9 December 2007


First, we have a director: Paul von Stoetzel. He has an impressive background and even looks cool.

Second, we have very tentative time slot of Sunday at 1:00pm.

17 July 2007

At Convergence 2007, about two dozen people expressed interest in helping out with the production. I am following up with each of them. I am really looking for a director to work with, so if you know of one (or are one!), please contact me.


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