"A Shoggoth on the Roof" Music

If you go to the Cthulhu Lives! store, you can hear samples from the score. (And buy the CD while you're there.)

Act One

PrologueTentacles!Armitage, Chorus
Scene 1Arkham, DunwichArmitage, Marion
Scene 4Byakhee, ByakheeAsenath, Jill
Scene 6Shoggoth PrayerHead Cultist, Chorus
 If I Were a Deep OneOld Man Marsh
Scene 7Arkham, Dunwich (reprise)Armitage, Wilbur Whateley
 To LifeHerbert West, Prudence, Armitage, Halsey, Zombies

Act Two

Scene 3The NightmareGradma Prudence, Ghoul, Armitage, Marion, Lallvinia Whateley, Chorus
Scene 5Victim of VictimsHead Cultist, Asenath
Scene 6Very Far From the Home I LoveJill
Scene 7Arkham, Dunwich (2nd Reprise)Head Cultist, Wilbur Whately
 Do You Fear Me?Cthulhu, Armitage, Chorus
 MistkatonicMarion, Herbert West, Prudence, Armitage, Chorus


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