"A Shoggoth on the Roof" Cast


Henry Armitage45, Librarian at Miskatonic UniversityTBDTBD
Marion Armitage45, his wifeTBDTBD
Prudence Armitage21, his eldest daughterTBDTBD
Asenath Armitage20, his second daughterTBDTBD
Jill Armitage17, his youngest daughterTBDTBD
Herbert West35, dangerous maniac, beloved of PrudenceTBDTBD
Head Cultist30, studly Cthulhu worshipper, beloved of AsenathTBDTBD
Obed Marsh85, late-blooming Deep One, beloved of JillTBDTBD
Randolph Carter35, nervous investigatorTBDTBD
Harley Warren35, shovel-wielding zealotTBDTBD
Wilbur Whately22, Dunwich creepTBDTBD
Dr. Halsey40, Miskatonic Dean, later a zombieTBDTBD
Grandma Prudence90, Marion's grandmother, a ghostTBDTBD
Lavinia Whately50, Wilbur's mother, a ghostTBDTBD
Great Cthulhu2,560,000,003, a Great Old One, very largeTBDTBD
A ShoggothTBDTBD
Numerous Deep OnesTBDTBD
Numerous GhoulsTBDTBD
Numerous CultistsTBDTBD
Numerous Villagers/VictimsTBDTBD
Several ZombiesTBDTBD

Other Credits

DirectorPaul von Stoetzelhere
Stage ManagerTBDnot available
Book and LyricsHe Who (for legal reasons) Must Not Be Namednot available
ProducerCraig Finsethhttp://www.finseth.com
Assistant ProducerKari Finsethnot available
GraphicsKari Finsethnot available
Restored bySean Branney and Andrew Lemannot available
Copyright 2005HPLHS, Inc.http://www.cthulhulives.org


I am Craig A. Finseth.

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