Two Minute Film Noir


  • Series: None
  • Date: 2008


  • Not on tape.


  • ZBS Code: NOIR
  • Count: 1
  • Time: TBD


  • ZBS Code: NOIR-MP3
  • Time: TBD


Chez Tootsie
Even Rattlesnakes Get The Blues
Barking Guns & Dancing Dolls
A Big Sack of Wind
The Woman Who Didn't Wear Panties
You're In For It Now, Pal
Dying For A Cup Of Joe
Johnny Gonzales in "The Short Siesta"
Here's To Lava Lamps
High Heels On Wet Pavement
Trailer Park Trash, Recycled
Flashback Fever
Hot Stuff In Hot Pants
Nobody But Us Chickens
The Comforter
The Chump
Things Are Not As They Appear
When Night Falls On Slim City
A Classy Dame Like You
Angelina, Angel Of Death
Say "So Long" To Shangri-la
The House on 99th Street
A Soft Cop & A Hard Dame
A Small Price to Pay
What's Your Backstory_
Lay Off The Goo Goo Talk
The Woman In White
Sun City Has Its Shadows
The Little Guy With The Big Roscoe
Dial M For "Mmmm"
The Three Daughters of Duke Malone
The Fifth Finger
The Long Night of the Hot Chorizo
Nightmare on Stool Pigeon Street
Pushing Up Daisies
Let's Bump the Big Bum Off
Dead Air
Little Twitty in the Big City
Newt, The Lizard
Back Door To Hell
Are You Out Of Your Mind
Eventually Everything Goes
Play It Cool, My Brother
Headed In The Wrong Direction
Murder By Nachos
All Green Lights To Hell
Hit You Like A Ton Of Bricks
Pirate Noir, "A Chest To Treasure"


Bill Raymond
Blanche Blackwell
Art Fairbain
Ruth Maleczech
Larry Block
Cheyenne Casebier
Bill Blechingberg
Laura Roth
Ray Van Ness
Producer / DirectorTom Lopez
Story and ScriptM. Fulton
MusicTim Clark




See also More! 2 Minute Fil Noir - "Joe & Moe" and 4 Minute Film Noir.

There is also Sun City Uncensored (UNSUN-MP3, MP3 only), which is an "unedited" version of Sun City Has Its Shadows.

This was released via podcast.


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