Mumbo Jumbo


  • Series: "The Cabinet of Dr. Fritz"
  • Date: 1985


  • ZBS Code: MJS
  • Count: 2
  • Time: 2:35:00
  • Binaural: Yes
  • Real-Time: Yes


  • ZBS Code: MJSCD
  • Count: 2
  • Time: 2:30:00
  • Binaural: Yes


Not available.


Dave AdamsPapa Labaz
Al SimkinsBlack Herman
Al BenzweHinkel von Bamtom
Dean DockertyHerbert "Safecracker" Gould
John BlysedaleHeirophant the First
Ed SchackleyWoodrow Wilson Jefferson
Alfred HolmesAbdul Sufi Ahmed
Ken HoroffBiff Musclewhite, Schlitz the "Sarge" of Yorktown
Robin BlackArlene, Isis
Bruce RobinsonTea Malice
Cecilia BertCharlotte
Jay Mark DanleyThor Wintergreen
Floyd GreenBerbalang
Ernesto PlazaFuernetez
George ChangYellowjack
James RobertsMajor Young
Donald NewtonBuddy Jackson
William KirbyMayor of New Orleans, Barber
Mark Lakava and John BarretTwo Doctors, Hierophant's Guards
Charles ButlerReverend Jefferson
Donald Newton, Ed Schackley and Charles ButlerDeacons
Java Emmanual FirstBen Wa Batterville
Von MorrisonHank Rollings
Cecila AnnQueen Of Yubange
Larry MosesBert, Old Jethro, Set, Moses
Nu FredmanRadio Announcer
Donald NewtonCabaret Doorman
Jay Mark DanleyMuseum Guard
Gregory SimpsonTrolley Man, Fence
John BlysedaleEditor of The New York Sun
Jacob FructerNewsboy
John BarrettRobber Baron, Walter Melon
Susan WeffleZuzu, the Local Duwaca-Du
Nebedan AdamsLittle Boy
Ernesto PlazaSchltz's Bodyguard and Buddy Jackson's Man
Albert BenzweTeutonic's Voice
Millicent SparksNarrator
Walter CottonCredits
Associate ProducerPhoenix
Executive ProducerTom Lopez
Assistant ProducerAl Simkins
Written by Ishmael Reed
Adapted for Radio byMeatball Fulton
Directed byTom Lopez
Production ManagerClaudia Forte
Location Sound EngineerSusan Brown
Audio ConsultantBob Bielecki
LightingAdam Meyer
Voodoo ConsultantQuatlebaum
Music Composed and Performed byTim Clark
Recorded in Philadelphia
Mixed at ZBS by Fulton and Phoenix
Series produced with funds by the New York State Council on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, Corporation for Public Broadcasting through NPR's Satellite Program Development Fund
IllustrationP.W. Quattlebaum






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