90 Second Cellphone Chillin' Theatre


  • Series: None
  • Date: 2008


  • Not on tape.


  • ZBS Code: CELL
  • Count: 1
  • Time: TBD


  • ZBS Code: CELL-MP3
  • Time: TBD


The Okie Dokie Swamp Thingie
Hotel Catatonia
Don't Eat on Twilight Street
The Monkey's Magic Eyeball
Don't Eat Igor's
The Sweet Scent of a Succubus
All My Cells Have Phones
Frankenstein's Finger
The X Fillings Dental Case no 122, An Odious Extraction
Nightmare on Elmer Street
Dixie Doodle, Girl Geek, in My Boyfriend's Back
Drooling Doreen
Revenge of the Tooth Fairy
Gouls Galore
When the Wolfling Learns to Whistle
I'm So Excited I'm Drooling, Whispers the Wolf Woman
Sad Regrets of Cowgirl Clem
Full Moon for Mickey Finn
Loathsome Sally Under the Texas Moon
The Moaning Lisa
The Boogie Woman
Return of the Boogie Woman
Things That Splat in the Night
Betty Big Boobs Meets Vinnie the Vampire
Betty Big Boobs Meets Smiling Sam the Crocodile Man
When the Wolf Woman Wets Her Whistle, Watch Out
The Abominable Beaver Woman
Big Bruno Says, So Long, Sweeet Dreams, Sucker
Detective Bary Big Butt Meets Little Marvin the Midget
Curse of the Mummy's Ear
(Diva no 1) Divas of hte Dark
(Diva no 2) Get yo Big Albino But
(Diva no 3) Return of hte Werediv
My Summer at Camp Wicky Wacky
Shameful Wanda and Her Wicked W
Toad Soup
Worm Fork Cafe
Worms in My Brain
The X Fillings Dental Case


Bill Raymond
Ida Faiella
Sue Schardt
Lindsay Ellison
Camille Hebert
Hank Neimark
Laura Roth
Dave Adams
Nebadon Adams
Producer / DirectorTom Lopez
Story and ScriptM. Fulton
MusicTim Clark






The Great ZBS Data Collection



I am Craig A. Finseth.

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