Steam Dreamers of Inverness, Part Two



  • Not on tape.


  • ZBS Code: SD2CD
  • Count: 2
  • Time: 1:47:40


  • ZBS Code: SD2
  • Time: 1:47:40

Contents (CD)

#1, 56:28

Chapter 129:27
1Can't I Say, "No?"
2The Zepplin, The Illuminato
3We Want to Run With It!
Chapter 223:25
4Tales of Floating Cities
5I Love the Rain
6Woo, Nice & Bright

#2, 51:12

Chapter 328:35
1Now That, I'll Believe
2A Big of a Zigzag
3Miss Lightning Bug
Chapter 427:53
4How's Things Up There?
5Meanwhile, Back in Inverness
6Lady Windermere (Preview)


Robert LorickJack Flanders
Dave AdamsMojo
Pascale PoirierClaudine
Juergen KuehnCaptain von Baumbaum
Laura RothColette & The Countessa
M. FultonOld Art
Richard FishZepplin Crew
Dave HermanNarrator
Producer/DirectorTom Lopez
Story & ScriptM. Fulton
MusicTim Clark
Illustration & GraphicsJaye Oliver
EngineerM. Fulton
Recorded and mixed at Froggy Acres, Ft. Miller, NY
Special thanks to Osho for spiritual insight.




The last track (at least of the CD) is a promo for Lady Windermere's Brass Fantabulous: Part 2: You Can't Outrun the Flying Dead.


The Great ZBS Data Collection



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