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This group of pages has my contributions to the Internet community.

These files are for the Freyja text editor package. This package includes what used to be in the Freyja and MemUtil packages, as well as the 'Thor' commands. Current version is 3.0.

This is a composite package that includes lots of things.

Freyja: an Emacs-type text editor that runs on MS/DOS systems in general and under the system manager on the HP95/100LX in particular. Freyja is especially well-suited to mini-laptops and systems with small amounts of disk space. It includes:

  • deletions are automatically saved into a "kill buffer"
  • ability to edit up to 11 files at once
  • ability to view two independant windows at once
  • integrated help facility
  • integrated menu facility, with help on all commands
  • can record and play back keyboard macros
  • supports file completion and limited directory operations
  • includes a perpetual calendar
  • includes a fully-integrated RPN type calculator
  • the HP95LX version supports tiny fonts that can display up to 25 x 80 characters on the 95's screen

MemUtil: is a program for displaying and snapshoting memory in the HP95LX/HP100LX when the system manager is in operation.

Thor commands: these commands provide miscellaneous utility functions. They are:

  • utility to convert .exe to .exm files
  • phase of the moon program
  • utility to convert HP95 .abk files to ASCII text
  • utility to convert HP95 .pbk files to and from ASCII text
  • resource file compiler

NOTE: older versions are floating around the net. Watch out for distributions named

freyja<anything other than 30>

Freyja full release.

  • freyja30.exe This is essentially the same version as 2.3, but with updated contact and site information.
  • freyja3x.exe This is a highly experimental release. Doesn't work. See me if interested.
  • loki30.exe This is version 3.0. Source code is not included (see next item).
  • loki30c.exe This is the source code to version 3.0. Binaries are not included, see previous item.
  • Freyja/Loki 3.1 This is an updated release combined with Loki for Unix/Linux and related systems only. No palmtop support.

A web-based version of the Moon program is on the My Contributions page and a verison in RealBasic is in the Gadget software (in Calendar).

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