Software in RealBasic: Gadget


Gadget is a general utility program. The main window can display a variety of test patterns. These include:

  • color bars, including SMPTE and full saturation
  • convergence and alignment screens
  • various ramp and sweep screens
  • random lines, rectangles, and balloons
  • Quick Text for printer tests
  • and more.

Auxilliary Tools can show:

  • pixel clock calculator
  • RPN calculator with full fraction support
  • basic fraction and unit conversions
  • a simple Mandelbrot pattern generator
  • calendar and phase of the moon calculations
  • color under the cursor and magnifier
  • column sizing calculator
  • paper and image size calculator
  • scaling calculator
  • character, font, and text displays
  • access to the system color picker
  • file information
  • process information
  • string and text viewer
  • volume information

and other data. All information and screens can be easily copied and printed.

This program was featured on the August 2003 MacAddict disc.


Current version is 1.6 for OS X, released 7 August 2011 and 1.4 for Windows, released on 1 May 2003.




I am Craig A. Finseth.

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