Ruby 6, The Illusionati


  • ZBS Code: R6S
  • Count: 3
  • Time: 3:30:00
  • Binaural: No
  • Real-Time: No


  • ZBS Code: R6SCD
  • Count: 3
  • Time: 3:30:00

Contents (Tape)

1??:00APart OneIlluboo Roi
1??:00BPart TwoThe Dark Angel of Doom
2??:00APart ThreeSue Foo and the Coco Coo
2??:00BPart FourRuby Queen of the Cosmos
2??:00BPart FiveThe Blo Balls Come Bouncing
3??:00APart FiveWhatever Happened to Ruby?
3??:00APart SixThe Revenge of the Cream Puff
3??:00BPart SevenDown at the Dunfe Docks

Contents (CD)

#1, 58:00

Part One
1Illuboo Roi
2The Big Boo
3The Noc-cree
Part Two
4The Dark Angel of Doom
5Her Angelness
6Mister Boo

#2, 1:12:00

Part Three
1Sue Foo and the Coco Coo
2The Speak Bubbles
3Theatre Nac-cree
Part Four
4Ruby Queen of the Cosmos
5Far Rung Farouk
6Android Intuition
Part Five
7The Bio Balls Come Bouncing

#3, 1:13:00

Part Five (cont'd)
1Whatever Happened to Ruby?
Part Six
3Revenge of the Cream Puff
4The Deed is Indeed Done
5On Day Three
Part Seven
6Down at the Dune Docks
8You Little Rat


Blanche BlackwellRuby
Bill RaymondTJ Teru
Art FairbainRodant Kapoor / Mother Kapoor / And/Or
Shelley WilliamsAngel Babe / Lady Basoon
Bill WestonbergBoom Boom-Bassoon
Leslie BlandfordSue Foo
Nathan RobbinsCream Puff / Yummy Yaszoom
Neu FredmannAmbassador Woogie / Ringmaster
Kirby AirsNarrator
Producer/DirectorTom Lopez
EngineersJoe Arlotta, Tom Lopez
WriterMeatball Fulton
MusicTim Clark
GraphicsAnne Erwin
IllustrationAlan Okamoto
Recorded at Backpocket Studios, New York City
Post production at Froggy Acres Studio, Fort Miller, NY
Special thanks to Tim Clarke for his wonderful, absolutely exquisite music for Ruby 6 and all the other Rubys, too.






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