Maps of the Invisible Realms

I have produced a fairly complete series of maps of the Invisible Realms explored in various ZBS productions. The series includes:

There are a total of 12 levels in the tower and Jack has not (yet) visited all levels. In my most recent listening, I realized that the regular world corresponds to tower level 3. So, the first level that Jack encounters in The Fourth Tower of Inverness, is tower level 4. I've updated this page, but not the legends on the maps themselves..

Note on Map for Level 6

The tape and CD have Sir Henry Jowls mention "The Land of the Two-Faced God" but the script says "The Land of the Stone Faced Gods". Since this is the line that got me to come up with the whole map series (by thinking that the Ruby and Jack invisible worlds were the same), I decided to solve the problem of which to include by including both on the same map.

Note: if I'm wrong about the tape/CD, please don't tell me. (:-)

Introduction to the Map Series

As one might expect, accurate static, two-dimensional maps of lands such as the Invisible Realms are difficult - if not impossible - to make.

The principles followed in making these maps are:

  • Everything useful mentioned in the productions is included,
  • (although it may not be spelled correctly, (:-)),
  • Distance and direction relationships on the maps are pure guesswork,
  • Those distance or directions that are known to be fact are included as text labels (e.g., "2 leagues" (see Loki for conversion to other distance units)),
  • The climate at any given spot may change over time (see especially the map for tower level 2).

These maps are meant to enhance your enjoyment of the adventures, and are not intended to limit their scope.

These adventures include only brief mentions of the Invisible Worlds, and include no real landmarks, names, or relationships:

  • Dishpan Fantasy
  • Dreams of Rio
  • Dreams of the Amazon
  • Dreams of India
  • Dreams of Bali
  • Dreams of Sumatra
  • The Insider's Lounge
  • The Land of Enchantment
  • Mad Moon For Rubina

Hence, they are not mapped.


The Great ZBS Data Collection



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