Ruby 3, The Galactic Gumshoe, Part One: The Underworld



  • ZBS Code: R3A
  • Count: 4
  • Time: 5:00:00
  • Binaural: No
  • Real-Time: No


  • ZBS Code: R3ACD
  • Count: 5
  • Time: 4:32:10

Contents (Tape)

#1, 1:30:00

AChapter OneMagnifico, City of Malls
ABChapter TwoThe Black Hills of Erishkigal
BChapter ThreeWelcome to the Gates of Hell

#2, 1:30:00

AChapter FourDancing for Mister Concertina
ABChapter FiveThe Clay People
BChapter SixThe Punishing Stones

#3, 1:00:00

AChapter SevenThe Gate of Temptation
BChapter EightThe Rise and Fall of Rodant Kapoor

#4, 1:00:00

AChapter NineThe Final Gate
BChapter TenAssult Upon the City of Malls


1BThreeButterfly Game
2BSixTeru reference to previous ?, telekenesis, teleportation games


1AOneTemptation (experience by Teru)
1BThreeAvarice (casino)
2AFourFear (scientist, red ants)
2AFivePride? (clay people)
2BSixSecret Knowledge (punishing rocks)
3ASeven? (asylum)
3ASevenTemptation (descent to waving swords (recap))
4ANineThe Final Gate
4AMaharini refers back to gates of Vanity, Fear, and Greed for Secret Knowledge

And/Or Sisters

2BSixMagical Song
4ANineWe Are Androids

Contents (CD)

#1A, 53:00

1Magnifico, City of Malls
2Home, Mustapha
3Is she an android?
4The Black Hills of Erishkigal
5Father Mojo
6Rodant! Not Rodent!!

#2A, 52:25

1Welcome to the Gates of Hell
2The butterfly machine
3Place your bets
4Dancing for Mister Concertina
5This red door
6I don't like guns

#3A, 56:05

1The Clay People
2Meanwhile, back at the monastery
3Clay people?
4The Punishing Stones
5Rub me too
6I hate puns

#4A, 53:30

1The Gate of Temptation
2Yes, oh Maharani?
3Ah, temptation
4The Rise and Fall of Rodant Kapoor
5We aim to please
6Lights on, idiot|

#5A, 57:10

1The Final Gate
2Doctor Laser!
3Set her free
4The Assault Upon the City of Malls
5I hate malls
6Ride the current!

See the Contents (Tape) for games, gates and And/Or Sisters list.


Blanche BlackwellRuby
Bill RaymondTJ Teru
Jona HarrisInanna
Willy BManret
Willy BMustapha
Art FairbaneRodant Kapoor
Art FairbaneMother Kapoor
Art FairbaneAnd/Or
Dave AdamsFather Mojo
GretelSister Hooloopoo
Nebadon AdamsJunior Kapoor
Dalia SchneierImogene Kapoor
Valeria VasilevskiMaharini
Felix AvacadoThe Inky
Andre AdlerMister Concertina
Gregorio RosenblumMolet the Mole
Gregorio RosenblumTookah 2
Greg MertonThe Big Scuzz
Terry O'ReillyToadface
Terry O'Reilly, Greg Merton, Felix AvocadoClay People and Punishing Stones
Remly HodgekissZumzammim
John McDonnowRingmaster
Kirby AirNarrator
Executive Producer and DirectorThomas Manuel Lopez
Graphics DirectorJaye Oliver
Promotions DirectorKathy Gronow
IllustrationsAlan Okamoto
EngineersRobert Harari, Fulton and Clark
Story by Thomas Lopez and Marcia Dale Lopez
Script by Meatball Fulton
Music Composed and PerforedTim Clark
Special Thanks to Robert Duran and Ruth Kirshman
Voices Recorded at 39th St Music Productions
Post Production at ZBS
Series made possible in part with funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts and Santa Monica college station KCRW
Major funding provided by Corp. for Public Broadcasting
Produced by ZBS Foundation
CD pressing made possible by John Romkey






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