Saratoga Noir


  • Series: None
  • Date: 2014


  • Not on tape.


  • ZBS Code: SNCD
  • Count: 2
  • Time: 1:53:16
  • Binaural: No
  • Real-Time: No


  • ZBS Code: SNCD-MP3
  • Time: 1:53:16


CD #1, 56:50

1.5:21Kitty with a Diamond Collar
2.4:23What's it Worth?
3.4:10Oh Danny Boyee!
4.5:32Saucers Over Saratoga
5.5:07Looking at the Stars
6.5:56A Pretty Nice Guy
7.8:18A Rainy Night in Gloversville
8.7:18Where is My Kitty?
9.5:34Dali On Quaaludes
10.5:11The Doppler Effect

CD #2, 56:26

1.4:42The Day We Pick Up Bricks
2.6:27The Ghosts of Old Thoughts
3.6:31Saratoga's Own Inspector Clouseau!
4.5:05Crazy Times We're Living In
5.4:50Playing "Sneaky Dickie," Danny?
6.4:56It Makes Me Dizzy
7.5:15Hear the Tolling of the Bells!
8.5:40Let's See What You Got
9.6:28The Lion's Den
10.6:32Danny, You're the Best


Mister BillDanny Boyee
Ylfa EdelsteinVicki Millhouse
Karen Evans KandelVelma
Tina McKennaVera Van Housen
Sarah KilloughValencia Deluca
Daryl EdwardsWooster
Tom RobbinsJohnnie McDonnie
Bob AdrianCharlie Beeks
Art FairbainPeter Millhouse
Ruth PferdehirtGinny
Kevin CareyFinnegan
Karen Carey, Marika Contompasis, Suzan NolanWomen in art gallery
Tassh TothMan in donut shop
Producer/DirectorTom Lopez
Story & ScriptM. Fulton
MusicTim Clark
Illustration & Comic StripGenevieve Shapiro
Recorded at Sound Associates, NYC
EngineerSeth Huling
Mixed at Froggy Acres, Fort Miller, NY
EngineerM. Fulton
Special Thanks to Dale Willman, Tom Dimopoulos & The Saratoga Wire






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