Moon Over Morocco



  • ZBS Code: MM, MOM
  • Count: 7
  • Time: 10:30:00
  • Binaural: No
  • Real-Time: No


  • ZBS Code: MOMCD
  • Count: 8
  • Time: 9:34:37

Contents (CD)

#1, 1:17:23

1The Lost World
2The Music of the Spheres
3The Vision
4And No Questions Asked
5Round About Midnight
6The Balcony Fell Off
7The Golden Eye

#2, 1:16:41

1The Dogs of Tangier
2Night Flights to Marrakesh
3Charming Snakes
4The Festival
5Jack's Acting Weird
6The Gate Appears
7The Masamouda?

#3, 1:10:55

1Our Own Light
2Mojo Tickles the Ivories
3Tea with the Comtese
4Mojo Watches
6The Storyteller

#4, 1:13:50

1Magic and Mojo
2The Dream
3What Was That?
4Return of the King
5Heart's Full of Passion
6I'm Going for a Walk

#5, 1:10:58

1The Grand Wazir
2The Green Leapers
3The Great Pyramid
4There's Two Jacks!
5The Pebbles
6The One That Watches

#6, 1:05:57

1He is Finished
2Kelly & Mojo
3Sounds Like Turban
4She's Got Bat Wings
5Let it Go, El Kabah
6The Dream Merchant

#7, 1:08:35

1The Winged Horse
2A Juicy Orange
3Your Invisible Friend
4At the Oasis
5At the Graveyard
6Jack Gets Zapped

#8, 1:10:18

2I Am One
3Too Much Power
4The Long Flashback
5Hold No Opinions
6Something Fine

The tapes end with a promo for The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders.


Robert LorickJack Flanders, El Kabah, King Hassan Bezel
Valeria MamchesComtese de Zazeenia
Robert LesserKasbah Kelly, the Gate Keeper
Lee BergSonny Skies, Fatma Tajhem
Dave AdamsMojo Sam the Yoodoo Man
Chitra NeogyLayla Oolupi
Jane TraumQueen Azora
Taurean BlacqueThe Storyteller Mustafa
Spooner DuffyLittle Flossic
Dave HermanThe Narrator, Grand Wazir
Meatball FultonAbu
Mad MaxTaxi Driver
Michael RoachMarmaduke
Gail Turner, Bill Moskowitz, Richard Shanks, Charlotte Mason, Mark StoneOthers
Mark Stone"tune in tomorrow"
Music recorded by Paul Bowles
Background sounds recorded in Morocco by Meatball F.
AuthorMeatball Fulton
Incidental Electronic SoundsDennis Colin and Randy Cohen
Additional musicTim Clark
Mojo's Piano played by the wonderful George Shutz
Producer/DirectorTom Lopez
Story & ScriptMeatball Fulton
EngineerVirgil (Bob) Bielecki
Front IllustrationDavid Byrd
Back IllustrationAlan Okamoto
GraphicsJaye Oliver
Production was made possible by Robert Durand
CD pressing made possible by John Romkey


tower level 4?, 2001-12-16, PDF: 636 KBytes.


Tape side 11 (CD #7) has a very nifty ascending/descending audio effect. The sound appears to be changing pitch (up or down), but does not in fact change. (I believe the effect comes from combining three tones.)

Mustapha's slowed down sayings near the end have been tracked down. It is known as 'Faith Mind' and an even more beautiful translation of it, IMO, is at Reference tracked down by the ever-dilatory Xenophile, who sometimes admits to also being Amy Tompkins.

See also Stars and Stuff: the CD has a related story called "Apricots".


The Great ZBS Data Collection



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